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A study of important women and men of science from the students of East Middle School.


Welcome to Scientist Space

This is where you will build a social networking page for your scientist.

Getting started:

With your group members, study the list of scientists and read the information about those that sound interesting.

Scientist List 2015

Next, choose ONE of your team members to indicate your top three choices on the sign up form. You can copy and paste the name of the scientists from the list to your form.

Scientist Space Sign Up

With your team, research your scientist's life using the Know Your Scientist note taking form. Communicators: Open-->make a copy-->rename-->share with team members, Mr.Warner and Mrs. Johnson

Know Your Scientist!

Team Members: Sign up for Scientist Space with the log-in information provided. Build your profile with the research information that your team did and a CC licensed or Public Domain image of your scientist. Then as a team, begin building your page, following the requirements below:

Scientist Space Page Checklist

Tools and Technology

Scientist Space Rubric



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